What are negative energies?

They are energies that interfere with emotional, spiritual, physical or mental aspects and prevent us from finding peace. They can generate feelings such as anxiety, depression… psychotic crises and can prevent you from moving forward in life.



How to protect ourselves against negative energies?

You can use salt for protection, cleanse bad energies and ward off envy.

Who would have thought that something so accessible to everyone can be used for protection, among other esoteric uses such as cleaning bad energies and warding off envy from our surroundings, with simple rituals.

Although it is true that salt had a bad reputation, since it has come to be considered bad luck, it is quite the opposite, since it offers us protection. Salt is an energy conductor, this allows to attract good energies, while negative energies come out, it is for this reason that it is widely used in energy cleansing rituals.

Antique Agate DZI “Treasure Vase or Double Aquario”,of Vintagecollection888. Tibetan Dzi, prayer tibetan bead dzi with high positive energy.
Negative energies exist if you believe in them

How to use salt to clean the bad energies of the home

Take a handful of salt and convey your wishes to ward off bad energies and attract positive energy to your home.

You can put this salt on any object or part of the house that you want to clean; however, it does not matter if it is the bedroom, the living room or the dining room, the salt will help absorb all that negative energy that accumulates when we spend too much time in them.

The bed is the place where we rest and where all the energies that we accumulate during the day are released (stress, anger, sadness), for this reason it is recommended to carry out an energetic cleaning of the bed, placing below and in the center, a glass with water and salt. If the salt rises to the surface, it means that the negative energy has been cleaned and eliminated, so you should throw the glass and its contents out of the home.

Do you have insomnia or have negative thoughts?

Put a bag of salt under your pillow and change it after 15 days.


Amulets of King Solomon – Part 1

The amulets include texts and characters from various sources, including the Book of Psalms, the Old Testament, the Book of Creation of Kabbalah and various religious prayers. On some of King Solomon’s seals also the names of the angels were used. The characters used in personal amulets are Phoenicians and Canaanites from 800 BC and maintain the authenticity of the amulets, as well as the protection of the user’s privacy.

The ancient Amulets of King Solomon were mentioned in numerous ancestral prayers and records in biblical history. The wisdom of King Solomon was the creative guide to the amulets that were made for specific problems and as a response to the aspirations and desires of the people.

King Solomon, wise king, philosopher and mystic scholar considered each problem as a two-sided question, sides that contrasted and complemented each other. That is why the amulets incorporate different elements, sometimes of different religions and texts to form the amulets that respond to desires and concrete needs.

It is important to note that amulets are as important as a person’s desire to use and believe in them. Desire is a significant force and the desire to use the amulet, use it and believe in its power are critical to its success. To benefit from the amulets and stamps a person must be aware of their proximity to the body and should allow it to help.

The selection of King Solomon’s personal amulets includes a wide range of topics including meditation, creativity and problem solving, decision-making, personal power, search and investigation, detection of incarnations, secrets and desires, spiritual correction, spiritual cleansing, students , wishing mind, mind and thought, joy of life, play, intended future, direction and purpose and amulets of forgiveness.

Here are some examples of the 44 stamps:

Amulet of Mars

★ The first face (the star) is the second pentacle of Mars. This pentacle serves with great success against all kinds of diseases if applied to the affected part.
★ The second face is the sixth Pentacle of Mars. He has such virtue that by being armed with him, if you are attacked by someone you will not be hurt when you fight and your own weapons will turn against him.


Amulet of Jupiter

Jupiter talisman: Wealth, good fortune, justice, philosophy, thought, money, business.

★ The first face sixth Pentacle of Jupiter. It serves to guard against all the dangers of the earth, observing it.

★ The second side is the seventh pentacle of Jupiter, has great power against poverty if you look with devotion, repeating the verse. It also serves to ward off the spirits who keep the treasures and discover them.

Amulet of The Sun

It is a magical pentacle that is used to obtain lucidity and inspiration, is ideal for all those who are dissatisfied with their life and look for a new direction.

★ The first face is the sixth Pentacle of the Sun, serves excellently for the invisibility operations in other people’s eyes when done correctly.

★ The second face is the Fourth Pentacle of the Sun, which serves to see the invisible spirits when they appear before the invoker to discover why, it will immediately appear visible.


Amulet of Saturn

★ The first face is the seventh pentacle of Saturn, to cause tremors, seeing that the power of the angels here invoked is enough to shake the whole universe.
★ The first face is the seventh pentacle of Saturn, to cause tremors, seeing that the power of the angels here invoked is enough to shake the whole universe.



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