What are negative energies?

They are energies that interfere with emotional, spiritual, physical or mental aspects and prevent us from finding peace. They can generate feelings such as anxiety, depression… psychotic crises and can prevent you from moving forward in life.



How to protect ourselves against negative energies?

You can use salt for protection, cleanse bad energies and ward off envy.

Who would have thought that something so accessible to everyone can be used for protection, among other esoteric uses such as cleaning bad energies and warding off envy from our surroundings, with simple rituals.

Although it is true that salt had a bad reputation, since it has come to be considered bad luck, it is quite the opposite, since it offers us protection. Salt is an energy conductor, this allows to attract good energies, while negative energies come out, it is for this reason that it is widely used in energy cleansing rituals.

Antique Agate DZI “Treasure Vase or Double Aquario”,of Vintagecollection888. Tibetan Dzi, prayer tibetan bead dzi with high positive energy.
Negative energies exist if you believe in them

How to use salt to clean the bad energies of the home

Take a handful of salt and convey your wishes to ward off bad energies and attract positive energy to your home.

You can put this salt on any object or part of the house that you want to clean; however, it does not matter if it is the bedroom, the living room or the dining room, the salt will help absorb all that negative energy that accumulates when we spend too much time in them.

The bed is the place where we rest and where all the energies that we accumulate during the day are released (stress, anger, sadness), for this reason it is recommended to carry out an energetic cleaning of the bed, placing below and in the center, a glass with water and salt. If the salt rises to the surface, it means that the negative energy has been cleaned and eliminated, so you should throw the glass and its contents out of the home.

Do you have insomnia or have negative thoughts?

Put a bag of salt under your pillow and change it after 15 days.


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