These gems have their own powers to communicate with you … they call you! It sounds strange, but it just happens naturally, although it may sound illogical.

The Dzis, preferably, are used in contact with the body, this is because the “Qi” (vital flow of energy) of your body will activate and “activate” the energy of the Dzi. Wear a collar with Dzi upright or in a bracelet by touching your wrist, you can place larger beads near you at your work desk or at home for positive energy. The Dzi energy will never stop (unless it breaks) if you take good care of yourself.


When we acquire or give us a Dzi or other stone amulet, it is advisable to clean it, purify it if we want to use it and above all, in the case of the Dzi that have surely been transmitted from one hand to another, since you do not know the energies with the ones you were in contact with before coming to you … you must purify it before using it.

The purification is similar to that done with natural stone crystals. In a small container with water add a little salt and leave your Dzi in the container, no more than 24 hours, if you fear that the salt can ruin your necklace, bracelet, you can let the water fall from the shower or from the tap on the for a minute or two. &

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